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[Honolulu] Hawaii


A system to cultivate [ALGAE BIOFUEL] on [FREEWAYS] to be used to power the vehicles that utilize and pollute them. Carbon emissions from vehicles exploited as a valuable resource to accelerate growth of algae blooms, creating a [CARBON-NEUTRAL] , [CLOSED LOOP] freeway system.


Algae grows well where carbon dioxide is in excess. Algae can be grown virtually anywhere with sun, nutrients and water. Algae does not necessarily need to be grown on arable land. Algae produces up to ten times more biodiesel per acre per year than any other crop currently being cultivated.


Freeways put out billions of pounds of carbon emissions into atmosphere each and every year. Millions of miles of land are consumed by freeway infrastructure amounting to millions of acres of under utilized real estate. Freeways are used and viewed by millions of people a day creating an opportunity to educate the public about where the energy needed to power their cars comes from.


Because Hawaii is isolated from the U.S. mainland, its energy infrastructure and consumption are unique among the States. Oahu depends heavily on imported fossil fuel to meet it’s energy demand. Close to nine-tenths of Oahu’s energy comes solely from petroleum. Oahu’s main industry is tourism, and the County economy is not energy intensive. Due in large part to heavy jet-fuel use by military installations and commercial airlines, the transportation sector is the leading energy consuming sector, accounting for over one-half of the County’s total energy consumption. Currently the Hawaiian government has invested large amounts of money and resources to further their goal in becoming energy independent. Renewable energy resources are a must and the times have never been more dire than now.

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